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Kieran Black
Design Systems Lead, Zip. Gold Coast, Australia.


Hey, I’m Kieran, a designer at Zip. I love design tooling, design systems, and have a passion for teaching design.

Work Experience

Early 2021 - Now

Design Systems Lead at Zip

Collaborating with teams all over the world, I'm striving to bring the quality of the web design system to the wide range of products across the many regions. With this broader scope in mind, the team is leading the charge in making our designers more efficient and allow them to do their best work.

2016 - Now

Mentor & Curriculum Contributor at Designlab

Teaching and mentoring new designers is a passion of mine. During my time with Designlab, I've helped with the curriculum through making videos and updating content, reinforced and sometimes relearned things about my own design process and systems thinking, and helped dozens of students get into the field of UX and product design.


Lead Designer at AutoGuru

During my time at AutoGuru, I contributed to the creation of our design system called Overdrive that helped our team change our stack from Angular to React and keep momentum. This enabled us to create multiple pages for SEO purposes as well as the product pages to make a user's buying decision easy and efficient.

Mid 2016-2017

Product Designer at Vidy

While only being at Vidy for a small time, I helped create multiple products and landing pages for the products that were a part of the Vidy eco-system. This included video and audio editing software as well as asset management.

Early 2016-Mid 2016

Designer at Lukibear

I had the pleasure of working with two amazing designers and developers, Luca Orio (now Design Systems Manager at Netflix) and Kilian Ciuffolo (now Engineering Leadership at Roblox). While working at Lukibear, I was able to work with multiple large companies and help with their projects across web, product and print design.


Web Services Supervisor at LocalSearch

Starting off as a digital imager at Australia's largest online and published business directory company, I quickly rose to the challenge of leading Web Services. During this time, I helped create a custom CMS and CRM for creating websites from inception to launch, and managed several departments including customer service, quality control (testing), content writers, designers and front-­end developers to achieve the one goal of creating a website for Australian businesses.


2008 - 2011

Bachelor in IT — Majoring in IT Marketing and Management

2008 - 2011

Bachelor in Multimedia — Majoring in Graphic Design




Kieran Black