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hey, i’m kieran

An Australian-American Design Systems Lead at Zip. I 💜 design tooling and have a passion for teaching design.


product & systems

After 10 years of being a multidisciplinary designer, my main focus has turned to design operations. More specifically, design tooling and design systems allows me to help people improve their efficiency and creativity while designing.

Jason Lopez from H&R Block
Jason Lopez
UX Designer, H&R Block
Kieran was a dedicated mentor that was instrumental in my design career. During my time at Designlab, he provided me with honest, valuable feedback on my work and always encouraging in each session we had. He was a passionate and supportive designer who was always willing to share his professional experiences for me to have the knowledge to develop with confidence in my own career. Kieran is one of a kind and mentor I highly recommend him!
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Yumi Morii
Product Designer, Kinsa
Kieran was a fantastic mentor throughout my time at Designlab. He provided helpful, actionable feedback on my work, and challenged me to think more deeply about the design process. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience, which he was always eager to share during our sessions. Not only that, he is very empathetic and encouraging. Since landing my first full-time design role, I frequently refer back to our discussions and resources he shared. I’m so grateful for Kieran’s mentorship in the early stages of my design career!

mentor & teacher

For the last several years I have been mentoring people from all over the world find their new career in UX and product design. Sharing my knowledge on tools, practices, and systems thinking provides an outlet for my creativity and ultimately allows me to reflect on my own ways of thinking and designing.



Throughout my career I've had the privilege of leading many teams and initiatives to success. By getting to know people at their core, I've been able to break down barriers and help teams achieve more than the sum of their parts.