hey there!
i'm kieran black

An Australian-American mentor, consultant and designer at LocalSearch, Lukibear, Vidy, APN (Now HT&E), AutoGuru & Designlab. I ♥︎ design tooling and have a passion for teaching design.


ux designer & coder

Designing has always been a passion of mine. I started off as a graphic designer and transitioned to UX over 10 years ago.

Yumi Morii
Product Designer, Kinsa
Kieran was a fantastic mentor throughout my time at Designlab. He provided helpful, actionable feedback on my work, and challenged me to think more deeply about the design process. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience, which he was always eager to share during our sessions. Not only that, he is very empathetic and encouraging. Since landing my first full-time design role, I frequently refer back to our discussions and resources he shared. I’m so grateful for Kieran’s mentorship in the early stages of my design career!


For the last four years I have been mentoring and helping people from all over the world find their new career in UX.



As part of my work for Designlab, I've made contributions to updating the curriculum and being a moderator in their Slack community for both their UX Academy and Foundations courses. This video is an example of what I create on a daily basis for students.



Streaming and presenting has allowed me to reach a much bigger audience via Designlab. I love doing deep dives with students and helping them with subject matter I often take for granted.